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  On This Day in History ...
  • 1837 - Creation of the Armenian Church Supreme Synod in Echmiadsin.
  • 1837 - Creation of the Armenian Supreme Ecclesiastic Council in Echmiadsin - the Synod attached to the Catholicos of All-Armenians.
  • 1909 - Birth of Taras Toosoozyan in Yekaterinodar (now Krasnodar). He was a Major-General of the Soviet Army. He was the Military Commissar of the Armenian SSR from 1950 to 1969.
  • 1931 - The Central Affairs Committee decides to establish a Radio-Broadcasting Committee.
  • 1932 - Birth of architect Arthur Tarkhanyan in Leninakan (Gyoomree). He designed and implemented the "Tsitsernakabert" Genocide Memorial Complex, the "Airarat" (formerly "Rossiya") movie theater, the Palace of Youth, "Zvartnotss" Airport, and many other buildings.
  • 1938 - Birth of Artavazd Peleshyan in Leninakan (Gyoomree). He became a famous artist, State Prize Laureate, and a master of the documentary film genre .
  • 1939 - The Armenian Supreme Soviet awards the right to the Opera and Ballet Theater of Yerevan, to be called the Alexander Spendarian Opera and Ballet Theatre.
  • 1960 - The Armenian Theater Association in Beirut decides to be known as the Vahram Papazyan Association.
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