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The Armenian Genocide

Ambassador Morgenthau's Story - Full text of the memoirs of Henry Morgenthau, the United States envoy to the Ottoman Empire in 1915-17. Reports key conversations with Young Turk officials and fellow diplomats.

Armenian Genocide - Articles about Armenian Genocide and Karabakh.

Armenian Genocide in the Georgian Language - Dr. Rouben Adalian's paper on the Armenian Genocide translated into the Georgian Language

Armenian National Institute - Affirmation of the 1915 Armenian Genocide committed by Ottoman Turkey, featuring photos, documents, maps, chronology, resolutions, bibliographies and educational resources.

Forgotten History - The Armenian Genocide - Human Rights Action commemorates the Armenian genocide that took place in the beginning of our century, the occurance of which the Turkish State still denies. - Armenian Genocide - Genocide- quotes, facts, documents, convention, maps, forums, photos ... more and more facts. In Russian.

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