The monastery of Kecharis


In Armenian it means canyon of flowers. This town is located on the eastern slope of Teghenis Mountain 1845 m. above sea level.


This is an ancient name of Tsakhkadzor. During the early Middle Ages it was a royal hunting place for the House of Arshakids.

X century

The House of Grand Duke Of Pahlavooni took over this place from the feudal house of Varajnuni. They gave a new name to the place - Tsakhnots, in Armenian it means - Flower.-bed.

XI century

Grigor Magistros Pahlavooni, famous Armenian politician, military commander, diplomat and scientist started to develop this place. It was he who founded the Monastery of Kecharis, built the church of St. Grigor the Illuminator and the church of Surp Nishan (Sign).

1196 year

Kecharis is freed from Seljuqs.


The main entrance (gavit) of the church of St. Grigor the Illuminator was built.

1203 year

The Grand Duke Vasak Haghbaki